About Zinology, Inc.

Founded in 2011, Zinology is located in Broomfield, CO just outside of Denver, CO along the Front Range. Zinology has an established and respected reputation within the community based upon technical expertise, strong communication and professional service.

Our exceptional team brings together skills and dynamic personalities that have enabled us to thrive. With a strong background in electrical, computer and mechanical design we are able to meet all our clients needs.  We understand  that the success of any project is largely dependent on properly communicating the requirements and using good engineering practices to execute on the design.   It is our goal to make sure every development, from system level design to detailed product design and manufacturing, meets the standards of our customer.

Our full range of engineering services include:

Electrical Engineering Services  - Our Electrical Engineering Team has extensive experience with hardware design  in the areas of Embedded Microcontrollers,  RF Circuit Design (RFID, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wideband Radio, WIFI), Analog Circuit Design, Sensor Network Design, High Speed Digital Design (FPGA, DSP, DDR), Medical Devices and much more.

Embedded Design and Firmware Development  - Embedded design is more than a passion for us, we take great pride in every development to ensure the products we create are stable and suited for their intended environment.  We have many years of experience working with the leading embedded processor families, including Microchip (PIC 16 and 18 Series), Analog Devices, Intel (8051), Freescale, TI (OMAP, MSP 430, CC2540/41, CC2500), and Motorola.

Mobile Application and Software Development - With the tremendous growth of mobile devices in the recent years applications have become a necessity for many new product developments.  Our team has grown to accommodate the mobile world by providing Apple compatible peripherals and mobile application development services.  Apple IOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and Android applications can be developed for any hardware or gaming products.  In addition we provide Windows and Mac OS software development  which complements our mobile / embedded offerings and allows for complete product integration. 

Printed Circuit Board Design/Layout - The PCB services offered by Zinology directly address the physical design challenges of today.  High speed digital design requires complex constraints and analysis (stackup, component placement, controlled impedance, matched lengths, crosstalk) that can directly affect performance and time to market.  Spending additional time upfront can ensure production ready designs sooner and with lower overall costs.  We are familiar with a variety of industry standard software packages, including Mentor Graphics - DxDesigner, PADS, Expedition, Hyperlynx, Orcad Schematic, Allegro, Eagle, PSpice, LTSpice, Ansoft HFSS, and more. 

Turnkey Products and Manufacturing - Often time and money are lost during the development and manufacturing process.  We work closely with vendors and manufactures to ensure a seamless interface through the entire process.  To further assist customers and speed up development we offer component kitting and rapid prototyping (PCB and Plastics) services. 

New Product Introduction and System Integration - Product development is an industry that changes quickly with new trends, new technology, and new ways to manufacture products more effectively.  Zinology works closely with ODMs and OEMs to stay on the cutting edge of development.  We also provide system integration services to better assist customers with their new products and their introduction into the market place.

Regulatory Standards Consulting - Similar to RF Design, regulatory compliance testing and certification can often seem like black magic.  We understand the need to get products certified and to market in a timely manor.  Zinology offers regulatory consulting services to help customers with existing products as well as new developments. 

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    Shane Zinner

    Zinology President and Founder

    Shane graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2003 with a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and emphasis in Embedded System Design. Since then he has become well known in the engineering and business community. A passion for electronics and business was the driving force behind Zinology.